Herbal Ignite for Men - Father's Day Special Offer

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  • Herbal Ignite Father's Day Special Offer

Herbal Ignite for Men - Father's Day Special Offer

$ 249.00 NZD $ 496.00 NZD
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Special Offer - Herbal Ignite for Men - Buy 2 Get 2 Free plus get an M&R Essentials Intense Detox Tonic Free


Herbal Ignite for Men* is an over-the-counter dietary supplement taken daily with food to increase libido and stamina

  • You don’t need a prescription
  • 90 caps per bottle and is taken according to body weight
  • Herbs are most effective when taken for 60 to 90 days
  • You don’t need to be on it continuously
  • Individual responses vary, but usually you can go for months or even years before feeling the need for another “boost”
  • It doesn’t work instantly, but usually you will notice benefits within a few days


Herbal Ignite’s formulation works to

  • Support men's sexual health
  • Support testosterone levels
  • Promote blood flow to the penis
  • Relieve stress and fatigue
  • Improve energy levels and confidence
​Herbal Ignite for Men helps to boost testosterone levels, decrease stress, improve nerve function and genital blood flow, and increase interest in sex or libido.


    Herbal Ignite for Men has a potent herbal formula that works over time to help resolve the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and low sex drive in men, in particular the low testosterone levels that result from aging.

    Herbal Ignite is 100% natural and is generally free of unpleasant side effects

    • No nasty headaches
    • No injections
    • Does not interfere with other medications


    Herbal Ignite contains three key ingredients:

    Key Herb No 1 - Tribulus terrestris
    Research shows tribulus supports normal testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone which gives men mastery in sexual performance, and is vital for libido, muscle growth, and generates male energy confidence and stamina. Men using Herbal Ignite report experiencing a general sense of wellbeing.

    Key Herb No 2 – Horny Goat Weed
    The active ingredients in horny goat weed are PDE-5 inhibitors which increase blood flow to the penis and help with better erections.

    Key Herb No 3 – Avena Sativa
    Avena Sativa is used for relieving stress and fatigue. Many men notice a decline in sex drive and sexual strength because of the effects of stress and long working hours.

    Other ingredients: Excipients and fillers.
    Contains no preservatives, sugars, milk, starch, wheat or yeast derivatives.
    Herbal Ignite for Men and Women are gluten and dairy free.


    Take 1 capsule per 20-26kg body weight. For example:

    • 60-79kg 3 caps daily
    • 80-99kg 4 caps daily
    • 100-119kg 5 caps daily
    • 120-156kg 6 caps daily

    Take daily with meals in a divided dose.


    Herbal Ignite has helped tens of thousands of men and women to have a better life since we launched the product 20 years ago. 

    Herbal Ignite’s special formula has helped tens of thousands of men with sexual arousal and an improved sense of well-being with minimal unwanted side effects. We have a high number of repeat customers and many happy testimonials from our customers.

    Herbal Ignite is manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards with thorough testing and guarantees of no adulteration or undeclared ingredients.

    Always read the label and take as directed. If you are taking anticoagulant (blood thinner) medication or on prescription medicines for angina or heart disease, check with your doctor before use.


    M&R Essentials Intense Detox Tonic is an over-the-counter dietary homeopathic tonic taken to compliment Herbal Ignite products to:

    • Support reduction of bloating and mood swings
    • Assists cleansing of the liver especially after alcohol
    • Assists alkalising of the body
    • Supports blood sugar balance
    • No fillers, binders or artificial ingredients
    • 60 caps per bottle taken 1-2 caps daily for adults.


    M&R Essentials Intense Detox Tonic helps to encourage bowel and liver balance, cleanse the liver after alcohol, assisting with  bowel regularity, bloating, alkalising the body healthy digestion and pathogen removal. 


        M&R Essentials Intense Detox Tonic is an effective homeopathic complex with carefully selected remedies used to support the body’s natural ability to detox without harsh side effects. Modern foods, while they are convenient can have long term health impacts. The use of antibiotics and hormones in animal produce; pesticides and herbicides sprayed on crops; the use of chemicals and preservatives in food processing burden our detoxification systems and can leave us depleted of essential nutrients.  Over farming means that our soils are mineral deficient further rendering foods low in essential minerals. Food processing, long-term storage and handling can significantly reduce the nutrients present in our food. A detox program is a great way of cleansing these contaminates and improving your nutrient status. 

        WHAT IS IN IT?

        M&R Intense Detox Tonic comprises of the following Homeopathics:

        • Cassia acutlfolia (Senna) (leaf, dry) 6X – to encourage bowel and liver balance.  Senna is an excellent tonic as it refreshes, recharges and regenerates balance throughout your body. Supports bowel regularity, healthy liver, bloating, dizziness, and gas.
        • Silybum marianum (Carduus Marianus) (fruit, dry) 3X – An excellent liver remedy that is known to be very effective in detoxifying the liver and improving the vascular system.  Overindulgence in alcohol calls for this remedy to reactivate liver cells.  Supports  liver and gall bladder health, regular bowels, and healthy appetite. 
        • Dryopteris filix-mas (Filix Mas) (fresh rhizome) 6X – A selected remedy for worm symptoms.  Supports regularity, softens stools and reduces bloating.
        • Sodium Phosphate (Nat Phos) 6X – This remedy has been chosen for balancing the lactic acid within the cells of the body.  A toxic body is often an acidic body. Support for queasiness, and a sense of burning within body, Excellent for sour risings. 
        • Artemisia absinthium (Absinthium) (herb, fresh) 6X – Indications include: Bloated around stomach and abdomen, queasy feelings eructation marked in this remedy, Wind colic
        • Santoninum 6X – A wonderful remedy for gastro-intestinal irritation and an adjunct to alkalizing the body. Extremely effective in helping clear pathogens. 
        • Calcium Sulfate (Calc Sulph) 6X –  Known as the cell cleanser and blood purifier
        • Artemisia cina (Cina) (flowers, dry) 6X 12X – An excellent remedy which may assist in an intensive detox, may support children’s health of abdomen and stomach. 

          Bach Flowers Included:
        • Willow – clinging to negative emotions
        • Holly – liverish, irritability
        • Chicory – anger and bitterness

                 Other ingredients:

        • Distilled water
        • Organic glycerol
        • Potassium Sorbate
        • Citric Acid



        Dosage: Adult: 10 drops directly under the tongue at 15 minute intervals for up to 6 doses then 10 drops six times daily.

        Children: 5 drops up to six times daily.

        Babies: 3 drops up to six times daily.

        Worming treatment: 10 drops, either directly under the tongue every 15 minutes for 6 doses. Then 10 drops, 6 times a day for two weeks.

        This product is not to be used when pregnant. It is perfectly safe to take the M&R Essentials Intense Detox Tonic alongside both prescriptive and other over the counter medicine.  However, it is best to take it at a different time from the prescriptive medicine and 5 minutes either side of food.

        M&R ESSENTIALS Intense Detox Tonic is 100% natural, closely related to existing Intenza products and manufactured to the highest standards with thorough testing and guarantees of no adulteration or undeclared ingredients.

        *Disclaimer. This information is provided for general informational purposes only and does not substitute for the advice provided by your medical professional. Always seek specific medical advice for treatment appropriate to you. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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