Herbal Sex Pills – Safe or Not?

Recent reports outlining the problems with “spiked” herbal sex pills are in danger of giving all herbal sex enhancers a bad name, when it is the sex pills that promise same day results which have caused problems.

The question of whether herbal sex pills are safe highlights the importance of understanding how different sex tablets work, and finding a brand of herbal sex enhancers you can trust.

The problem sex pills are the ones promising on the spot action, not the legitimate products like Herbal Ignite which explain clearly that the sex tablet works gradually over several weeks.

It’s perhaps no surprise problems have arisen with the “pop a pill and perform” type of sex enhancers, because these products promise the same results as pharmaceuticals like Viagra, but also try and cash in on the claim they are “herbal and natural”.

Herbal sex enhancers like Herbal Ignite work in a different way from other sex medicines, producing results by supporting sexual arousal and reducing stress symptoms to aid sexual performance.