Erectile dysfunction is a common condition. The good news is, there’s time-proven erection tablets now available in Australia to help out.

Erection Tablets: How Do I Know If I’m Affected By ED?

Think you might benefit from Erection Tablets, but wondering what the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction actually are?

The main symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction are:

  • Reduced erection hardness
  • Less sexual satisfaction
  • Just general loss of sexual confidence

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an on-going issue that affects you all the time in order to qualify. Erectile dysfunction can be total, where symptoms occur regularly, or situational.  In either case  erection tablets can make a big difference.

If it’s situational, there’s a good chance the causes are to some extent psychological. Try dealing with sources of stress or anxiety in your life: maintain a good work/life balance, take holidays, maybe even try yoga, meditation or prayer.

If it’s total, the causes are likely to be physical, and it’s worth considering what erectile dysfunction treatments like erection tablets can do for you.

Testosterone May Decrease with Age, But Erection Tablets Can Help!

As men age, testosterone levels naturally decrease. Low Testosterone is often the major cause behind Erectile Dysfunction. The top sexual symptoms of Low Testosterone are:

  1. Low libido or sex drive
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Difficulty achieving orgasm
  4. Reduce intensity of orgasm

Erectile dysfunction treatments for low testosterone come in a variety of forms: injections, erection tablets, gels, patches or gum pellets. Your health professional can help with the relevant tests if you think you may need erection tablets and want your testosterone levels measured.

Also, the herb Tribulus Terrestris has also been found to provide to stimulate your body’s natural testosterone  production, and is available in Herbal Ignite, popular erection tablets for fourteen years now.