​How Erectile Problems Affect You

Many Australian men experience erectile problem swhen they reach their 40s and 50s. Inconsistent erections, or erections that don’t last may occur infrequently, but it only takes a few episodes to undermine a man’s sexual confidence.

Before you know it, you’re avoiding sex; sitting up late in front of TV waiting for your partner to fall asleep and then furtively masturbating to porn. 

Sound familiar? So how do you know if you are one of the many men affected by erection problems?

You Have Erectile Problems if:

  • One out of four times you want sex your erections don’t make it
  • You haven’t been able to have sex for more than a month
  • Your erections take longer than usual to harden, or they weaken in certain positions
  • You need conscious effort to maintain your erection, and it is increasingly difficult to keep it
  • Morning erections are less frequent and strong
  • You are climaxing or ejaculating too early or before your erection is complete

Five Facts About Erectile Problems

Fact ► 50% of men over 50 suffer from erectile problems

Fact ► Men reach their sexual peak at 18, when testosterone levels (the male hormone of mastery and control) are at their highest. Testosterone falls by 1% a year after the age of 40.

Fact ► High stress events like job loss, illness or accident, divorce or death of a partner can dramatically reduce testosterone levels by ten years in just a few months.

Fact ► Relationship breakdown and divorce are frequent outcomes of ignoring erectile problems

Fact ► Life style related changes – weight loss, exercise and reduced alcohol intake - will improve your sex life but you don’t have to wait for those changes to improve erectile function. 

Herbal Ignite For Erectile Problems

There are multiple options for treating erectile problems:

  • Oral pills like ED drugs (Viagra and others) 
  • Herbal erectile supplements like Herbal Ignite
  • Technologies like penile injections and vacuum pumps 

More than 90 per cent of erectile problems have a physical cause mainly related to:

  • Blood flow to the penis
  • Testosterone levels

The herbs in Herbal Ignite help increase blood supply to the penis and stimulate the body to produce more testosterone.

The important thing is to take action when erectile problems arise.

Don’t Ignore Erectile Problems

Put baldly, it’s just not worth trying to ignore erectile problems.

That’s because left untreated erection problems:

  • Are likely to become more frequent and severe
  • Are likely cause relationship stress and breakups
  • The earlier erectile problems are treated, the better the outcome

Erectile Problems – ‘Use It Or Lose It’

Many urologists (the doctors who specialize in dicks) consider:

  • Erectile problems are a “progressive disease.”
  • The “new medical thinking” is that without treatment, erection problems will worsen.

According to a Harvard University health newsletter, “like all organs, the penis depends on oxygen to keep its tissues healthy and functioning well.”

A healthy erection increases blood flow to the penis by six times the normal rate, flooding the penis tissue with life-giving oxygen and preventing cellular damage.

The idea is that maintaining regular erections is important for sexual health is backed up by Sydney sexual medicine specialist, Dr Michael Lowy, who told ABC news; "The erectile tissues need a lot more exercise (when you're older) to maintain their integrity, and part of that exercise is sexual intercourse, masturbation or even night erections."

Erectile Problems and Divorce

All too commonly, couples who have sex problems find themselves growing apart because they find it difficult to talk about sexual health.

Sydney author Bettina Ardnt in her book What Men Want – in Bed - based on the sex diaries of 150 Australian men – quotes research which shows:

  • Six out of ten men with erection problems never talk to their partners about it.
  • 21 per cent said erectile dysfunction was the cause of their relationship break up.

Bernie Zilbergeld in The New Male Sexuality says partner blame leads to:

  • Estrangement
  • Reduced touching
  • No longer feeling close

Says Bernie Zilbergeld: “Frequently the woman is angry at the man for not being willing to get help sooner.”

Take Action on Erectile Problems

If you are experiencing erectile problems we hope we’ve convinced you to stop pretending and do something. Talk to your partner, see your doctor, make life style changes, seek treatment, order Herbal Ignite. Whatever it takes for you, make steps to restoring your erections.