Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Erectile dysfunction symptoms vary, but for most men it’s about getting and keeping an erection sufficiently strong to make sex possible and pleasurable for both partners. And it’s not just about difficulties in ‘getting it up.’

While coming too quickly is one obvious erectile dysfunction symptom that causes relationship problems, the opposite may also cause discomfort.

If it takes a man a long time to climax because his sexual excitement builds slowly, he can leave his partner feeling sore from a long workout – not satisfactory for her or him

Measuring Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is about how successfully the penis works for sex; having no interest in sex is not an erectile dysfunction symptom, but a different sexual health issue altogether, namely low sex drive or low libido.

In her book What Men Want – in Bed, Sydney author and sex therapist Bettina Ardnt describes the “Peter Meter” a red rubber gadget from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer designed for men and their doctors to more accurately diagnose erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Says Ardnt: “Pressing each corner of the spherical object gives a different degree of squishiness, so the patient can tell whether he manages a Number One – “larger but not hard”, or whether his penis feels like one of the other corners – “hard but not hard enough for penetration.” (The ideal is “completely hard and fully rigid.”)

Common Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

You may be advised to seek erectile dysfunction treatment if:
  • One in 4 attempts to have sex fail
  • You have not had sex for a month because of weak erections
  • Getting erections takes longer and requires more conscious effort
  • Erections in certain positions are more difficult
  • Morning erections occur less often and are less rigid
  • You ejaculate more rapidly or climax with an incomplete erection

How Will Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms Affect Me?

Erectile dysfunction may be a passing condition, caused by a life situation like:
  • Rejection by a partner
  • Work stress
  • Or health issues
These are usually diagnosed as “situational” erectile dysfunction symptoms – and likely caused by emotional and psychological stresses.

Or it can be a recurring problem – described as “total” erectile dysfunction symptoms – 95 per cent likely to be physical causes.

In both situational and total erectile dysfunction symptoms you are likely to experience:
  • Reduced erection hardness
  • Less sexual satisfaction
  • General loss of sexual confidence

Australian Men & Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Australian research shows half of men in the 50s and more than half of those in their 60s have erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Sydney sex therapist and author Bettina Ardnt probably knows as much about Aussie sexual attitudes as anyone. As the author of two books reporting on the private “sexual diaries” of several hundred men and women, she has heard plenty of bedroom secrets.

She suggests in The health problem powerful men won’t talk about in The Australian newspaper Australian men are shy about talking about erectile dysfunction, even though half of any room full of men over 50 are likely to face the issue personally.
Bettina says these men “share a dark secret” – half of them will have erectile dysfunction symptoms, but are unwilling to acknowledge it.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

If you’ve tried to ignore erectile dysfunction symptoms or allowed them to drift on hoping something will improve without you taking further action, it might be time to rethink your situation.

The newest thinking on solving erectile dysfunction symptoms suggests:

  • The sooner you take action the better chances you have of a successful outcome
  • Delay can mean both physical health and relationship satisfaction worsens
  • There are many erectile treatment options available – including natural herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite that require no prescriptions
  • Talking about the issue to a sexual health specialist, an understanding friend or (best of all) your partner may give huge emotional relief.
  • Taking control of your erectile dysfunction symptoms  is the healthiest option for both physical and emotional health.