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Herbal Ignite for Women

A Women’s Libido Enhancer 

Increasingly women are looking for herbal health products like Ignite for Women which
  • Help balance hormones
  • Reduce menopausal discomfort
  • Improve libido and sex drive
Maybe it’s the increased attention given to maintaining a healthy sex life since Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs were launched.  Maybe it’s simply people want to get the most out of life.

But along with men seeking answers for erection problems, women are looking for healthy supplements which combine herbs used in traditional medicine for centuries to support women’s reproductive health.

How Women’s Sex Drive Works

A woman’s sex drive is much more affected by what’s going on around her than a man’s. If she’s had a bad day at work or is feeling stressed, it affects her responsiveness in the bedroom.
Things that negatively affect a woman’s libido include:
  • Overwork and stress - sex becomes “another thing on the to do list”
  • Feeling unappreciated
  • Lack of warm emotional contact or support from partner
  • Hormonal changes from:
  • Pregnancy
  • Oral contraceptives
  • PMS
  • Menopause

Low Libido Affects All Ages

Maintaining an active sex life in long term relationships can become a challenge for many couples at any age and stage.
Whether it’s coping with sleep disturbance from a waking toddler, or dealing with menopausal hot flushes, it’s a common experience for women at many stages of life to feel the need for some sort of libido boost to help them get aroused.
Changes in brain chemistry as the body “returns to normal” after the buzz of first attraction, mean the infatuation experienced when you first met is gradually replaced by a closer, but less intense desire for closeness.
Sex therapists agree that maintaining a mutually satisfying regular sex life is an important key to good relationships. In other words a good sex life is integral to a strong sound long term relationship, not just an “additional extra.” 
Herbal Ignite for Women is formulated from herbs which have been used for centuries to tone and rejuvenate female libido and hormonal balance.

Women’s Ignite Lifts Libido, Balances Hormones

Clinical trials as well as many years of herbal practice have shown the herbs in Ignite for Women to be beneficial for:

  • Increasing sex drive and libido
  • Relieving menopausal symptoms
  • Enhancing sexual arousal and pleasure
  • Helping with hormonal balance
  • Alleviating side effects of  contraceptive pill use
  • Improving mood and energy

What Herbs Does Ignite for Women Contain?

Ignite for Women contains four herbs recognised for their benefits for women’s sexual and reproductive health;
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Dong quai
  • Horny goat weed
  • Damiana

Tribulus Terrestris - Benefits for Women

Modern research is backing traditional medicine’s use of tribulus terrestris as an herb for women as well as men, beneficial for reproductive health and hormonal balance in times of stress, physical change or menopause.

Tribulus terrestris works to:

  • Support sex drive, ovulation and reproduction
  • Studies with tribulus have shown:
    • 80% experienced increased libido and sexual performance
    • 95% reported support for the pre-menstrual period
    • Helped ovulation in more than 60% of infertile women
  • In menopause studies found tribulus helped with:
    • Temperature balance
    • Energy and mood
    • Better sleep
    • Stress relief
    • Relieving  a sense of heaviness in the cardiac region
    • Low or very low libido
Only one patient out of 50 post-menopausal women gained no benefit from tribulus terrestris.

Is Tribulus Safe To Use?

No adverse effects to the central nervous or cardiovascular systems were noted in any of the studies which were undertaken. No know negative effects presently exist where tribulus terrestris is used as a dietary supplement. Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

Horny Goat Weed Benefits for Women

Horny goat weed has been used in traditional medicine as
  • An aphrodisiac
  • To support menopause
  • As a female libido and energy booster
Much of the evidence in support of horny goat weed is anecdotal and traditional, although some scientific studies are being conducted.

The herb is thought to support the action of neurotransmitters that play a role in arousal and emotional response. 

Men reported an increase in their partner’s satisfaction when taking horny goat weed.

Horny Goat Weed helps to:

  • Optimise sexual response by heightening skin sensitivity and increasing blood flow to genitals
  • Improve mood by balancing serotonin and dopamine levels
  • Promote better arousal – (dopamine important for orgasm)
  • Balance temperature in menopausal women
  • Increase desire
  • Beneficial for bone health and strength

Horny Goat Weed and Osteoporosis

Flavonoids derived from the horny goat weed may increase bone mineral density (BMD) at the hip and lower back, and may have benefits against osteoporosis, suggests a new study.

The study, with 100 healthy late postmenopausal women, found that after two years of supplementation, bone mineral density at the hip and lower spine increased by 1.6 and 1.3 per cent respectively in the treated group, and decreased by 1.8 and 2.4 per cent for the placebo group.

The study also reported that supplementation significantly decreased levels of a marker of bone loss (by 39 per cent) after two years.

Is Horny Goat Weed Safe to Use?

No adverse effects to the central nervous or cardiovascular systems were noted in any of the studies which were undertaken. No know negative effects presently exist where horny goat weed is used as a dietary supplement. Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

Dong Quai Benefits for Women

Dong Quai is known as “the women’s herb” or “female ginseng” because it is recognised in traditional Asian medicine as an excellent all-purpose women’s herb.

Dong Quai helps to:

  • Restore hormonal balance
  • For menstrual regularity
  • To relieve PMS
  • And to help resume normal menstruation after using birth control pills

The name “Dong Quai” translates as “return to order.” As is typical with Chinese medicine, it is usually not used alone, and is most effective when combined with other herbs like damiana and horny goat weed.

Although trials have so far failed to support the usefulness of dong quai for menopause symptoms, there is a lot of anecdotal support for its use for this purpose.

Tens of thousands of women have reported that taking the herb for four to six weeks stops hot flashes related to entering menopause.

Most women report that the herb is better for women who have intermittent hot flashes than for women who feel hot constantly.


Is Dong Quai Safe To Use?

Dong Quai is accepted as safe as a food additive in the US, Europe, Australia and NZ and throughout Asia. Side effects are rare and are generally related to digestive upsets or allergic reactions like a rash.

It is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women and is contra-indicated for people using anti-coagulants like Warfarin and hormone sensitive cancers like breast, uterine, or ovarian cancers or endometriosis. Discontinue use prior to major surgery or major dental procedures. 

Damiana Benefits for Women

Damiana is known as the “ultimate feel good herb” for women because it helps balance female hormone levels, control hot flushes and has renowned its libido enhancing qualities.

Damiana helps to:

  • Relax body, reduce stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate gloominess and headaches
  • Make weight loss easier
  • Lift mood and increase sexual response
  • Stimulate blood flow to the clitoris
  • Taken at bedtime, damiana has a reputation for producing erotic dreams

How Damiana Works for Women 

Scientists at Buenos Aires University in Argentina confirmed damiana has potent aphrodisiac properties, in particular by relaxing the arteries allowing blood flow into the genital area.
And a study at the University of Hawaii showed a product containing damiana together with other ingredients improved sexual desire, vaginal dryness, sexual response and sensation.
The research also showed damiana did not affect estrogen levels, so did not cause any risk from hormone-related cancers like breast cancer. 
Damiana has also been found to help with weight loss. Danish research shows damiana helps you feel full even after eating a small meal, which prevents over-eating and promotes good digestion 

Is Damiana Safe To Use?

Damiana has been used without any evidence of negative side effects for centuries, but like all herbal remedies it should not be used by pregnant or breast feeding women.  To be certain it will not have any adverse effects, damiana should not be taken women who have the following health conditions:
  • take a medicine to treat diabetes or to control blood sugar levels
  • have a history of breast cancer
  • have a psychiatric disorder such as mania or schizophrenia
  • have Alzheimer's disease
  • have Parkinson's disease


If you suffer from any of these conditions do not take damiana without checking with your doctor first.

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Warning: Use as directed. If you are on prescription medicines for angina or heart disease, check with your doctor before use