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Vivano Testimonials

“Vivano has really worked wonders for me, when I started the product i weighed 90kgs and now I weigh 82kgs. This has been possible with the help of Kilo Manager and healthy eating just in a span of two months. Can definitely vouch for this product.” – Deepika J, Papakura*

“I have been using both Vivano products for 8 weeks. I found them effective, I have lost weight safely, am not craving much and this is the best result ever. I am healthier and have higher energy levels. Highly recommended.” – Fey O, Matsue, Japan*

"I was starting to feel really uncomfortable in my clothes. I was reluctant to face the fact I needed to cut back. Vivano was just what I needed to go in the right direction with my weight” – Kanchan*

“Kilo manager has all the ingredients you need for excellent results – and good doses compared to other supplements I’ve seen.” - Rex - Fitness Trainer*

"Appetite manager helped me in coming 5th for Auckland body building championship". - Agnelo*

"Not craving food all the time, don't feel like I need sugar, not eating as much food and feeling full a lot better". - Kaylene H Marlborough*

* Disclaimer: results may vary

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Warning: Use as directed. If you are on prescription medicines for angina or heart disease, check with your doctor before use

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